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Many of you have experience with public speaking: giving formal or informal presentations in classes, teaching in schools, or maybe even participating in a speaking competition. Debate will let you use and develop those skills, but it will also help you to develop other skills--close reading, interpretation, critical reasoning, argumentation, rhetorical invention--and all in front of a live audience!

"This house believes" that debate will be an exciting and enriching addition to your university experience. So sign on, jump in, "reach higher," and Speak Up!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Motions: May 20 Debates

Thanks to all you responded to the request for feedback, and welcome to the new squad from Engineering!

Here they are, our May Motions and Squad Assignments

Debate 1:
This house believes that stricter measures should be taken to control/reduce the importation of foreign material culture and practices.

Proposition: CBE
Opposition: Mass Comm/Translation/Philosophy

Debate 2:
This house believes that intra-family or "cousin" marriage should be discouraged.

Proposition: Linguistics
Opposition: English 1

Debate 3:
This house believes that permanent residency/citizenship should be extended to expatriate workers after a 10-year probation period.

Proposition: Engineering
Opposition: English 2 

Next two weeks:

I suggest that squad members research the motion this weekend, and meet together for a correlation meeting/mock debate next week. Please arrange to meet as a squad at a time most convenient for all members, and consider the schedules of your advisors. It would be acceptable to meet without an advisor at first, and then send a delegation to confer with the advisors if necessary.

Thanks to all for your support and suggestions. If we didn't get to your preferred motion this time, don't worry: we will have an opportunity in the Fall.

This is our last debate of the academic year, so let's make it a great one! 

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