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Many of you have experience with public speaking: giving formal or informal presentations in classes, teaching in schools, or maybe even participating in a speaking competition. Debate will let you use and develop those skills, but it will also help you to develop other skills--close reading, interpretation, critical reasoning, argumentation, rhetorical invention--and all in front of a live audience!

"This house believes" that debate will be an exciting and enriching addition to your university experience. So sign on, jump in, "reach higher," and Speak Up!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Motions: April Debates

Hello, everyone!

We've been working through a few little snafus, but I think we've sorted everything out. So here, in preparation for the April 1 debates, are the motions and squad assignments.

The overall theme is campus issues, and the motions were generated and selected by the members of the society by common consent. 

Motion 1: This House believes that UAEU should be a co-educational institution.
Proposition: Squad 2
Opposition: Squad 5

Motion 2: This House believes that international undergraduate students should not have to pay tuition and housing fees.
Proposition: Squad 4
Opposition: Squad 3

Motion 3: This House would allow general camera use on the women’s campus and in the women’s housing areas.
Proposition: Squad 1
Opposition: Squad 6

Thanks to all our squads and their advisors for their commitment and preparation. Squads are composed of students from the colleges of Law, Engineering, Business, and Humanities and Social Sciences. From CHSS, we have Translation, Linguistics, Mass Communications, Sociology, psychology, and English Literature students. 

Advisors come from Business, English, Translation, Linguistics, Psychology, History, and Literature. We're quite the group! See you next week, as follows:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Cinema Room, MQ80

All students and faculty are welcome.

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