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Many of you have experience with public speaking: giving formal or informal presentations in classes, teaching in schools, or maybe even participating in a speaking competition. Debate will let you use and develop those skills, but it will also help you to develop other skills--close reading, interpretation, critical reasoning, argumentation, rhetorical invention--and all in front of a live audience!

"This house believes" that debate will be an exciting and enriching addition to your university experience. So sign on, jump in, "reach higher," and Speak Up!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winners: April Debates

Hello, Debaters!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post this. But here it is, at last:

Debate 1: Squad 5, represented by Saba Najeeb, Zainab Shanbeeh, and Hind Ali

Debate 2: Squad 4, represented by Asma Salih, Mai Hasan, and Badreyya Khanbooli

Debate 3: Squad 1, represented by Fatima Tariq, Asma Ba'Omar, and Ameera al Shehhi

Overall Winners: Squad 5

Congratulations to all our debaters--speakers and squadmates--for a stimulating evening. You got a lot of students interested, and gave us much to think about. Thanks also to the advisors. We appreciate your hard work and commitment.

See you at the General Meeting!

Wednesday, April 8, 6:45-7:45
Room 134, MQ80


  1. Although my friend Haya's squad lost the competition, I would like to congratulate her and her team for their hard work. I saw how hard Haya worked and how concerned she was about this debate. So I wish them good luck next time.

    Mariam Wahaiby

  2. First, many thanks to Dr. Penny for his unceasing support, and although we havn't won I was verey satisfied.
    Actually the result was quite obvious, because we were competing with "BUSINESS" students!
    Thank you Mariam for your good wishes.